Regarding Online Job Scam on Telegram channel and money lost

Regarding Online Job Scam on Telegram channel and money lost

My situation started First they texted me what’s up and they informed me to do the task first and they informed they will pay for that review so I have done they have paid for it from next they informed me to do the task from telegram link. I have done 1st to 5th task later on they gave 6th task to pay 1000 so I can earn 1000 + 300 +200 total I received this much , next 7th to 11th task completed later in 12th task they informed me to pay 3000 so I can get 3000+900+400 total 4,300 received.
After that they informed to do next task 13th to 17th I have completed that one also later in 18th task they informed to pay 7000 then they will pay 7000+2100+5000 =14,900/- but they didn’t paid they informed to I have done wrong so you have to pay 19,800 to withdraw this money so I paid it later they informed another one also we have to do for that they informed me to pay 59800 that one also I paid later they informed to pay 30% tax on that as per income tax act , I thought as per govt rules we have to pay and withdraw the money that’s why I paid that is the rules rules of Income tax act.
I paid that also later the tax amount purposes you didn’t not mentioned properly so they informed me to pay same amount again so after that I can withdraw full amount so I paid but later on they informed me withdraw as per notice in there website after that I withdraw 2000 by mistake it taken two times  then they told me to pay 210,544 and to withdraw full amount 421088/-
Later on I went to police station and raise complaint in cyber crime
Bangalore 560072, Karnataka

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