Complaint regarding Airtel XStream Android Set Top Box
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Complaint regarding Airtel XStream Android Set Top Box

Respected Sir,
First and foremost yeh Digital India ka Sapna sapna na rah jaye These big giants Like Airtel higher totally unprofessional and what to say about their conversation ….. they are treating customer aka Me , as a servant even we people don’t talk to our servant like this the way speaking to me somebody shouting loud while talking when i asked dude check the way you are talking low your voice they reply this is my way to talk to customer directly.

From last 48 hours i was treated like i am not there Airtel One Primary customer but as I am there Airtel One Primary Servant. Sir Story is too long i have all explained their Nodal officer too. its All about they have to Replace the Old Box on which recording is not working properly and even After getting instruction From Airtel office they call me from where i Live, i.e., Lucknow city. So this local personnel of Airtel DTH sitting at Local branch at some where Sapru Marg Office Of Airtel DTH office and then he started talking like he is my owner he told me did you place this request of replacing XStream STB box i have got this info that go and replace the box. I said Yes. He asked me Why first thing first when he recieve order from Airtel Nodal office of replacng DTH box he should come or send any so called enginner and replace the box. he argues me Like Anything.

Sir Story was very Long as after arguing he sent enginner that engineer too saying me same thing then i apologise i said rudelt to them what i am looking you fool you recieved order why so much query to me go and query to that place from this order come. I just said that they all start shouting on me how rudely you are talking to us and agai i place a call 121 customer care they checked from their end and repliied affirmatively in favour me that this box is under warranty and we recieved order from nodal office to replace this box so we sent you the copy of same request to you. And from last 2 days their field enginner whosoever call me talked to me rougly so i already raised complaint of this matter also so in that very same call from other side that girl asked about that matter they start shouting on too then she imediately transfer call to senior personnel who already listening their talk he just the way handle them only that part was good. Because those engineer talk roughly to their executive and that too female. God knows who recruit such road side enginners. Then They change the box while from other side from local office personnel saying them while they are changing the box that i hear some thing like change to kardo kuch kaha ki swap abhi mat karo abhi after one week let it be like that. So end result they change the box but they played there card as soon as they leave the place within 5 minutes screen get locked in such a manner that even google play store not getting open that uses my airtel XSream Fibre Broad band connection. Rest Digital Bharat Ka sapna Aise kaise poora honga jab customer like me get frustrate why he go for Idian/Bharat brand Chromecast ya firestick or RoKu jaise foreign compny k device na le lo. I hope You whosoever on other side understand my agony inside. Upto now i have great respect for Airtel as their internet service in every manner very good bt Airtel Should Stop This DTH wala part.
Thanks and Regards

Lucknow 226012, Uttar Pradesh

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