Regarding delay in delivery by Agarwal packers, DRS India
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Complaint regarding delay in delivery by Agarwal packers, DRS India

My courier with consignment  was picked up on 01/04/2021 from Mumbai with the assurance that it shall be delivered to Guwahati within 15 days. As of today’s date, i.e on 05/05/2021, I haven’t received the consignment yet.

I would like to point out the following grievanves I am being subjected to as follows:

1) First of all on the day of pickup, the form that I was supposed to fill up and sign was misplaced by the pickup team and I got a photo of the form in watsapp later after repeated reminders filled up by someone else. I definitely wasn’t given a chance to insure my consignment in this matter as the form has been filled up by someone else.

2) I have been unable to do online tracking of the consignment about which the tracking team informed me that it isn’t working and hence, I am made to make calls everytime I want an update. And each time they assure to call after 2 but I get no response at all and have to keep calling them. The Mumbai team has stopped taking my calls too.

I think a company of your stature citing such minor and manageable technical issues is not fair for the customers.

3) Failure of the tracking team to inform the correct location- I was informed by the tracking team that my consignment has reached West Bengal on 17/04/2021. By 21/04/2021 they told it’s in Guwahati but I still didn’t recieve it on time.

There was too much confusion following this for which I was put on phone relays continuosly for a week and they ended up giving me the godown number in Guwahati. I called up at Guwahati and they confirmed that the consignment hasn’t reached yet the destination.

4) I had to tweet about this mismanagement and continuosly follow up with the tracking team after which they told it’s in Bhubaneshwar on 24/04/2021. As they informed me on 28/04/2021, that too, after repeated calls, they told me the consignment is at Kolkata where till today it’s still lying there supposedly.

5) Now the tracking team is giving excuses of unavailability of trucks for transportation which I think is not at all a very justifying excuse given the fact that the consignment should have reached in 15- 20 days. It has been more than a month now and I still have to be on phone relays all the time. I receive no update or calls at all and certainly I can make out that there has been some incompetence which is being covered up on the pretext of lockdown. GC no. 4690771

Dist-Sivasagar, Assam –785685

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