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Complaint regarding demand from Bharti Axa

I was quoted a ‘x’ amount by this person and thereof one cheque was issued to him but they took a whole one week to issue me a policy that too after many reminder and request and when after a week I get my police, I get 2 reminders from Bharti AXA stating if I don’t pay Rs 3135 extra towards NCB, my policy will be terminated and I won’t get any claim. I get a call also from one MR. BxxxxR sales Manager from Bharti AXA called me in a threatening way saying if I don’t pay this difference then he may terminate my policy without a second thought.

Now my point is why this harassment to me.

1. I paid cheque after his verbal quote given to me that too well in advance and policy was not issue to me till seen days later of the police expiry date and many excuses were made.

2. Finally when I get policy I get two letters from Bharati AXA stating I have to pay Rs 3135 extra within week otherwise my policy will terminated.

3. Now my quesrion is why such type of harassment and mental torcher to me when I paid well in advance and on the basis of quote given by Mr. Sxxxp.

I could not drive my vehicle for those seven days when they have not issue me policy and now not ready to settle this matter hence I m going through mental agony and since I m nit keeping well as I m patient of lung cancer this has made me to go through hell..

Pls take this matter very serious as many other people will be cheated and harassed.

Now I m looking for either full refund with all misc expenditure which I bearded to come here from all the way from Bangalore or my policy with full features as earlier it was promised.

Rajesh Srivastava
P. O. COLVA, GOA 403708

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