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Complaint regarding excess porting charged by Idea store

On 1st Feb, I went to Idea store near Shivaji Chowk in Hinjewadi, Pune for porting my docomo sim to idea. So asked what charges you are taking as TRAI has reduced the porting charges from Rs.19 to Rs.4. But the lady there told me that the porting charges will Rs.50 to which I shocked and told them that the charges used to be Rs.19 and reduced to Rs. 4 now but she was rigid on Rs. 50. She was also telling that the recent porting request are getting cancelled in prepaid so better to port in postpaid and later you can port on prepaid after 3 months and literally forcing me to port to postpaid which was not acceptable for me. And I was rigid to port to prepaid. After some more conversation she referred me to another lady who was looking like a roadside vegetable seller, she tried to convince me that the porting cost is Rs. 50 and after some heated conversation she was ready to port in Rs.20 but she told I would not get any balance of Rs10, that too was a ridiculous excuse as there is no option of setting balance in porting request and every operator gives Rs.10 post porting. Later I told OK make the porting request in Rs20, I am not interested in balance. Then she referred to another lady who completed my porting request. After completion she was asking for Rs.50 but after talking to that lady she accepted Rs.20. They were also maintaining a register in which I saw that they made many porting request taking Rs.50 from the customers. This is how they are looting innocent people. After 5 days my sim was successfully ported to idea and I got Rs.10 as balance too. But my experience with these idea store people was like purchasing vegetable from roadside. Hope that idea should hire some professionals and not vegetable seller. I am not worried about the Rs. 16 that I paid extra, but I want that these people should be fired as soon as possible after catching them red handed because these ladies are spoiling company’s name too.

Anup Kumar
Hinjewadi, Pune 411057, Maharashtra

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