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Complaint regarding form filling Data Entry Fraud

I got an online data entry job without investment. The job is to complete 410 forms in 4 days for Rs48 per form. I completed the job and now they messaged me that the accuracy is not 90% and I need to pay 4800/-. On the website, it is still showing that my work is under review. When I asked them for the proof of report, they did not send me and said it was made by the government. They asked me to send my address, picture, and signature on paper before starting the job. I sent my old address, my picture, and a signature that I hadn’t used anywhere. They sent me an agreement and then I started the job. I am attaching the agreement they sent me. They also faked the government seal in the agreement. Now they are threatening me to take action legally if I don’t pay them the amount. What should I do? I filed a case in cybercrime. Will there be any problem legally? Can you please help me?

Sarapaka 507128, Telangana


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