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Complaint regarding Iphone 6S performance

I have bought iPhone 6s two months ago. While purchasing it the battery back up was claimed by apple as the following: Talk time: Up to 14 hours on 3G, Up to 10 hours on 3G, Standby time:Up to 10 days. I had purchased it with ios version 10.

Then after one month it had a major problem of restarting it on its own. I updated it to iOS 11.2 and it worked fine. But after this, the battery became draining very fast. I used all options given my apple customer care. Updated it to the latest version 11.2.1, used it on low battery mode, kept all background app refresh setting off, minimum brightness. Then too it was not able to last during the whole day.

On 6.1.2018, customer care ran the diagnostics and told me that the battery is fine and I need to use less apps and other stuff. Even after minimum use it shows too much battery drainage, that is too annoying and a hassle for a person like me who works for 6 days a week. I can not just run to the customer care every month to get my phone restored and always be ready to back up my data. That is not what i bargained for when I bought iPhone 6s. The advertisement is very misleading and after buying it I have been continuously under stress as it has only one sim and I don’t have any other option to communicate if this phone is not working. Either I have to buy another phone or run to the service centre leaving my university job. Who will be responsible for the loss of money when I have to leave my job and run to the service centre. Apple has been fooling the customers and harassing them unnecessarily. I live alone and have a 9-5 job 6 days a week, I can not afford to run like this. And if this is the frequency of occurrence of problems in iPhone, I don’t think, the future of iPhone is very bright.

Richa Srishti
Mathura 281406, Uttar Pradesh

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