Complaint regarding non-delivery, refund due from Clovia

Complaint regarding non-delivery, refund due from Clovia

I had the worst experience with clovia. I have 3 orders in clovia in which 2 are prepaid online. I placed an order on 25 June and the expected delivery was on 1st July. It is changing every day and finally today it showed 17 July. So I cancelled the order. This was prepaid worth 800 rupees. I ordered some other items on 29 June worth 1230 rupees. But I cancelled the order the same day. They transferred the amount to clovia wallet immediately from where I transferred them to my bank account and the amount just disappeared. I didn’t receive the refund. Today is 11July and I still didn’t receive any refund. I called Clovia helpline every single day but they keep saying that the refund has been initiated, wait for 1,2 days. I’ve been waiting for so many days, but no response or update from their side. My total refund is worth 2000 rupees. I am very much worried that I won’t get my money back. The last order, the 3rd one was placed on 29 June and I didn’t pay for it online. I didn’t receive the items till now and the expected delivery date is showing 17July. I have no hope that even these items will get delivered. This was my first time ordering on clovia and it turned out to be the worst.

Hyderabad 500076, Telangana

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