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Complaint regarding Poor Customer support for MTS device

I have bought a MTS wifi telecom service last year from OT store. It was working pretty well upto this year march month. And from march 03 there was a connectivity issue where there is internet connection so i have placed a complaint after that and then i have recieved a call from the technical team and they asked the details and told that it would be cleared and closed my conplaint without my knowledge and solving the issue. once again i have place a complaint on 15march and the complain no is 2162 and they have been calling someother no and closed the complaint stating that there is no response this was known after i called the customer care once again!!

Then on 26 march i have registered a complaint stating the same issue the complaint no is 2732 and they have once again closed the complaint that there was a full signal and 1400 kbs spped in Vishakah area but my area isshiligutti. After knowing this i demanded a explanation for closing of the complaint and asked them to reopen it as the issue has not been resolved but the customer care speakers told they cant take same complaint again and again as it will became a duplicate instead they would escalate the same complaint and they stated that there will be a call from techie in future but i havent recieved a single call from their side so i was keep on calling and asking them the details but they told the same reason again and again lethargically 8/5/2018 after lots of call a member from techinical team called and spoke to me asked about the issue and i have explained him the same but he instead told me that the issue cannot be solved as it is clear from there side there is a full connection and you have to buy a new laptop and spoke harshly to me.. i dont know what to do and after that i have mailed the customer care and about my issue on 8/7/2018 so from appellate group they called me and asked the details and sent a engineer Mr. Sxxxxu on 9/9/2018
personally came and checked about the issue and informed them that there is no connectivity..

Then i have recieved a mail from customer care stating that all the connection from there side is clear and if there is any futher issue please do speed test and send the screen shots but the issue is still there as the link itself is not opening then how do i do the speed test, And they asked me to pay the bill regardless of the connection because its a post paid i felt as if cheated as they were so lethargic for my complaints for more than 20 days and they want me to pay the bill amount for that to without any internet connection Because of this issue there is a loss in my bussiness which depends only onthe internet and there is been a huge mental stress for me I dont want to get robbed for there mistake. i Want my New Device and also my Refund Amount

Vizag 500020, Andhra Pradesh

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