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Complaint regarding refund from Indigo airlines

I booked flight for me and my brother through Happyeasy go Android Application on 22 March 2020 booking from Bangalore to Patna via Hyderabad for 30 March 2020 Flight.

But the flight was cancelled by Indigo Airlines. So I couldn’t travel. For three Months March, April and May they didn’t even replied to my queries, mails, complaints on Social media, on twitter , not even customer care number was responding.

On 21 May 2020 when I tried to contact them they replied that your amount is converted into credit shell and I can use the amount in next booking.

So I started to book flight of Indigo from Bangalore to Patna of 25 May 2020 on the website of indigo but they didn’t let me use my credit shell amount and they displayed message saying ” you have booked your ticket through third party travel agent, contact them for booking”.

So I called up Happyeasy go but their number didn’t respond , then I mailed to Happyeasy go but they didn’t replied.

Now again I couldn’t travel nor I didn’t use my amount also . Still my money is with indigo only and today is 18 July 2020 when I am writing this complain because I tried all the possible way to get my money back but Indigo has decided it clearly that they will not refund the amount.

It’s already been 80 days they kept my amount and still not refunding and always they are telling it clearly that your amount is converted into credit shell and you can use the amount on next booking.

Indigo is earning interest amount from my money since from 80 days and still they don’t want to refund the amount.

Now I will ask some general and important question :-

1. Firstly I Don’t want to travel through indigo beacuse of all these fraud,cheating and worst services of indigo.

2. Secondly in future also I am seeing it clealry that within one year also I am not going to travel anywhere ,so ofcourse I will not be using credit shell amount.

3. Indigo didn’t let me know while booking, before booking and after booking of ticket that if flight will get cancelled, amount is going to converted into credit shell. No terms and condition was shared while booking not even I agreed or signed an agreement that they can convert my amount into credit shell if flight got cancelled.

4. Indigo wants me to travel  forcefully to somewhere so that I can use credit shell and what about if I say that another next two year I am not going to travel anywhere , then indigo will eat my all money, it’s clear and obvious.

5. I have taken Reliance insurance by paying amount of insurance charges while booking on Happyeasy go Android app also on this both PNR to claim the amount. Policy covers of Trip Cancellation.

Now I am completely fed up and now I decided that I will expose indigo and Happyeasy go scam and fraud. Now it’s my goal of life till I get refund, I will do everything possible legally to get my money back.

Shubham Kumar
Bangalore 562125, Karnataka

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    • Mohina on 23/07/2020 at 8:34 pm

    My case is similar to your case….I also booked through a third pary and now the airline and the are not even responding me…I cancelled in March before lockdown…..I tried everything but now I don’t know what to do…..if you have tried any other way of getting back refund please help me.

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