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Defective, broken products from Amazon seller

Amazon India — miracle retail seller. Item shows 2 return cutoff dates – 1 is 12 Dec. 1 is 19th Dec. i have screen shots of both. I tried to return the defective item on 16th Dec, but couldnt get it done formally – so wrote to the seller, and no reply. This is a broken 3500 inr item. It must be fixed. I didnt even receive from my office till 15th Dec, and it was broken in the box!
The seller should reply to its customers and write back, then fix the defective item. I do think they may have sent an already returned item, as the box wasnt sealed, so purposely tried to get rid of something they knew was broken. I cant find the item on the site anymore. How can you expect a business, which is closed for weekends and has days off for staff, plus needs procedure to implement, test, then report issues with items, to find a defective product within 3 days? And how can you have sellers on your platform who deliberately sell a customer a broken item, then dont try to fix it? Order No: 406-4663274-7932307


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