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Electricity bill adjustment complaint

I had opted temp connection for house construction for duration of 90 days on 28th June 2016. But since I opted the temp connection, no body came for meter reading and did not provided bill copy. Recently I just came to know that my temp meter connection is still active with my knowledge. And my bill amount is somewhere 20 thousand. On verifying meter reading I found I have consumed only 389 units in this duration( current reading is 6050 unit and initial reading when opted the connection was 5661 units) due to my house has been locked through this duration.
Now I want to opt permanent meter connection and electricity dept is not approving it until earlier bill settlement. I am ready to settle the amount but electrify dept is not providing final bill copy which should be generated based on my consumption. I am requesting few point to be resolved :
1. Why dept continued my temp connection after 90 days where as I just opted that for 90 days duration.?

2. Why dept did not provide monthly reading.

3. Why no body from dept came to location for noting down actual monthly reading

4. Why dept not approving my permanent meter connection while earlier settlement case in progress.

5. How could dept make some assumption for my electrify consumption and dept on passing monthly basis without even verifying the actual location and its reading?

I am attaching latest bill copy and dept reading copy as evidence.

Dinesh singh Baghel
Gola ka mandir, Gwalior 474005, Madhya Pradesh
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxg@gmail.com

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