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Empty parcel received from Flipkart

As I have placed and order on flipkart VIVO V5s, Perfect Selfie, Matte Black, 64 GB amounting to Rs. 10640 with exchanged offer of item make Lenovo Vibe K5 mobile handset a.ounting to Rs.7450 with pick up charges of Rs. 100 total aniunting to Rs. 18190.

On 8th Oct. 2017 at around 14.30 hrs flipkart assigned Ekart courier came into with the shippment at my residence and before handing in the said shippment he went through the quality check of exchanged item make Lenovo Vibe K5 and after confirmation of quality check and collecting cash in delivery amount of Rs. 10640 the Ekarth courier personnel handed over the above flipkart shippment.

On receiving the shippment on 8th Oct. 2017 at 14.30 hrs and when opened the shippment box I was disappointed seeing that the box was missing item I.e. VIVO V5s Perfect Selfie, Matte Black, 64 GB mobile handset.

I logged into my flipkart account on 8th Oct.2017 and submitted my queries stating that shippment box delivered was missing item make VIVO V5s Perfect Selfie, Matte Black, 64 GB mibile handset and requedted for replacement of missing item I.e VIVO V5s mobile handset.when checked the status of my request on my flipkart account it was surprising again that my request being rejected.

According on same day on 8th Oct. 2017 I contacted flipkart customer support team via phone and spoken to one of flipkart team executive and brought the relevant fact that shippment received was missing item VIVO V5s in the box and when submitted my rewuest on my acvount page the status was my rewuest beung rejected so he registered my compliant and assured me that my concerned had been forwarded to the back hand team to escalate the issue and will get back to me on 20th Oct. 2017 at 03.30 pm

According on 9th Oct 2017 flipkart had provided me INCIDENT IN 1710091437478550587.

I again logged into my flipkart account and submiited my rewuest and this request was submitted for around 5-6 times but the status was the same stating my request was rejected.

I replied to every mail with relevant information to flipkart support team accept the Identity proof and stated that I could not submit my Identity proof due to security reason.

On 13.10.2017 I got call from flipkart support team requesting me to submit the Identity proof or else they going to closed my claim and on that behalf I have forced by the flipkart yo submit the Identity proof to the customer support email.

I have to submit that from the date of delivered shippment on 8th Oct 2017 till date today I have been in touch with flipkart customers support team through emails and phone calls as to find out about my resolution but none of flipkart had given me assurance of resolution to my issue my compliant.

As they time limit sourted by flipkart team has been over as they promised to get back to me on 20th Oct. 2017 at 03.30 pm and they failed to call me, and they send mail requesting to grant them time till 21st Oct. 2017 which the flipkart had failed again g and sending mail and sms requesting that they need more time till 22nd Oct. 2017 which they have failed again.

This is a height that flipkart is testing me, all I can say is that from the day one I.e from 8th Oct. 2017 till date and time flipkart had harassed me in all way and today I am the looser of amount of rs .18190 as I have nothing with me either then the missing item make VIVO V5s empty box. flipkart had mentally harassed me and who is going to take accountability of all this mental harassment done to me all this days by flipkart.

I want to know when and what time will flipkart will replaced my missing item make VIVO V5s Perfect Selfie, Matte Black, 64 GB Mobile handed.

I want some legal authorities to act upon my issue, my queries, my compliant and initiate action against the flipkart for doing such and act to me with imposing heavy fine and compensation .

Hope something comes out of this at the earliest with necessary action against the flipkart as per the law.

Nibhish Mahesh Dessai
Salcete, Goa, Cuncolim 403703
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxxi@yahoo.com

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