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Erroneous deduction of balance by Vodafone

I am a Vodafone customer since 5 years and was quite happy with their service until last year. All of a sudden they started deducting 4 ps multiple times a day in the name of data charge when i havnt turned on the mobile data in my phone. I complained many times and the only solution they could offer was that i deactivate mobile data in my phone by sending an SMS and to activate it again by sending an SMS when required. After repeatedly trying to convince them, they agreed that they ll refund the amount deducted so far and promised the issue ll not crop again. Everything was smooth until two weeks back. The problem has resurfaced and this time the customer care executive says I would have turned on the mobile data otherwise this problem wouldn’t nt occur. I fail to understand how a person can turn on mobile data to download 10kb exactly for that is when 4ps is charged. So the only option with me us to either deactivate mobile data and thus forego a smartphone and smart network or change the service provider.

Anjana Shyam
Bangalore 560100, Karnataka
07/05/2017 / 12:30 pm

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