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Excess surge charge by Uber

We booked uberx from satellite shyamal cross road to kalupur railway station on 1 july at around 5.30 pm we needed at 8.35 pm that time show me fair near 165 to 175 rs. we got message just befor 5 minits from uber but we could not read . the car came & dropped us at station & gave bill unbilivable amount of 561 rs including surg charge. the bill was double amount of my ticket for ahmedabad to bombay. if i know about surg charges i not go in uber because at my home palce rickshow easily available if i book two rickshow i rich mt place below 200 rs., why i pay surg charge . uber duty to inform me by call not by sms only.i want surg charge back near 371 rs.

SAGAR, AHMEDABAD 380015, Gujarat
Email: Dxxxxxxxxxx4@GMAIL.COM

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