IFB washing machine repairs – Rs.27,350/-:

IFB washing machine repairs – Rs.27,350/-: Mr. T Kumarasamy of Chennai purchased a IFB Senorita Aqua washing machine from vasanth & co velacherry. On 16.11.2015 he registered a complaint with IFB service center since the washing machine was not working. A technician from from IFB came on 20.11.2015 and told the panel found faulty and it will be replaced by 23.11.2015 by IFB company since it is under warranty period.  However, IFB closed the complaint without resolving the same and never attended to his complaints. Mr. Kumarasamy posted his complaint with ICF on 27-11-2015 and after follow-up with IFB, the machine was finally repaired on 22-12-2015.

Mr. T. Kumarasamy, Chennai
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