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Extra money charge in the name of excess baggage by Air Asia

My mother was travelling from Kolkata to Bangalore by AirAsia. She is a senior citizen and she was travelling alone. As per rules, the allowed limit for checkin baggage is 15kgs and cabin baggage is 7kg. At the checkin counter, the staff Ms.Mxxxx Yxxxxx, asked my mother to give her cabin baggage on pretext of weighing it. The cabin baggage was 8kgs, 1kg more than the allowed limit. But, she included it as part of checkin baggage and charged my mother Rs.2400 for 8kgs extra. My mother repeated told that it is a cabin baggage, but by that time, she had already sent in the baggage. Since the baggage was sent in already, she started threatening my mother that if she does not pay, the flight will leave without her. She should have charged for 1kg extra for the cabin baggage, but she has unduly charged for 8kgs. Not only my mother had to face rude behaviour, she had to suffer in the flight as her water bottle and warm clothes were in her cabin baggage. We had raised a complaint with the airlines, but they have closed the case without refunding the money. Here are the details.

Case Number – 01871440
Flight no. I5 1563
Booking no. ZLC9TC
Date of travel – 03/02/2018

Kindly help us in recovering the refund.

Manju Majumdar
Sector 3, BANGALORE 560102, Karnataka
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com

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