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Vodafone asking me to port instead of solving problem

Vodafone unfairly sent me 100 Rs extra bill along with GST applicable on it. My bill is about to be between Rs 350 to 360 including GST. And now Vodafone sent me bill of Rs 477, which is unfair. Secondly had a talk with Kxxxu from Retention department from Mumbai Call Center, she is rude and said pay or get lost. She cant help me in this matter as she cant reverse this amount to me. Network is anyways quite fluctuating, secondly internet doesnt work and still asking for such huge amount of bill. Such a worst situation. Hope it will be resolved. And Kxxxxxu says “port karwana hai to karlo”. If required, recorded call for the above communication is avaliable.

Manish Rajhans
Mumbai 400069, Maharashtra
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com

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