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Fake sale offers from key4deal.com

I received a call on 29/08/2017 an executive MxxxxH key4deal.com. he told me, you are a lucky customer and we are giving prize, 1st prize renault duster car, 2nd prize bajaj pulsar rs200 , 3rd prize honda scooty and so many things but minimum prize more than 10,000-. go to key4deal.com and purchase a product from our compnany and offer valid is only combo.

29/08/2017 I paid RS 1,299/- via paytm on this number 8xxxx2 and online purchase women’s kurti, as guided by the executive NxxxN of key4deal.com.

Again i received a call on 30/08/2017 and he told me about the gift. he told me you are selected for 2nd prize bajaj pulsar rs200 or dell i5, 5th generation laptop, so you have to select a product from these two product.
and he told me, you have to pay RS 12825/- GST of the bajaj pulsar rs200 market price 1,35,000. but that time i had only 2000 via paytm, so i paid only 2,000. and he told me remaing amont pay within one week.

Again on 01/09/2017 i received a call an executive his name is NxxxN of key4deal.com, he told me i have to send your file to company so you have to pay remaing amount RS 10,825- today only, but i paid only rs 5,000- via paytm as he provided by link that day , because of i had that much only.

on 05/09/2017 i paid again RS 5,825-, finally i paid full GST 12,825- and when i asked about women’s kurti as i paid 1299- 1st day he told me don’t worry it was out of stock but 2-3 days it will be deliver.

on 08/09/2017 AGAIN I received a call a senior executive of key4deal.com, he told me you have to pay rs 12,300- central GST and 12300- state GST, then you will get bajaj pulsar rs 200 and he gave me one more option that one was you can collect your money rs 1,35,000- in your account and he also told me as you are paying all GST RS 24,300- you will get return it in your account within 2 working days, so give me your account detail with IFSC code. finally again i paid rs 24300-

By the time i have already paid (rs 1,299+12,825+24,300) 38,424. PLESE HELP i want my money back. please take hard and strict action against the company.

Shiv chandan kumar
Church, Bangalore 56010, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com

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