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Fraud about supply of Paper plate making machine, raw material

An SMS received from BWHOMJOB on 12.05.2020 saying earn 3000 to 50000 @home based busness, setup paper plate suplier, we provide Raw material with agreement + training. I starded enquiring about business on above contact number, They sent some offers (attached proof at Sl No. 2) on watsup. The adress mentioned in sent documents is Sai Marketing, GR floor, 79/3, Block-II, WHS main Road, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015.  As per their explaination about business, We have to buy the paper plate making machine from them which will they buy back if we don’t want in future, the raw material will be supplied by them at free off cost & pay the labour cost at Rs. 460 per 1000 plates. Understood the busness and asked to send person to verify their business genuiness, they said due to lockdown conditions they are unable to send person. They given a phone (Namely Vxxxxy, he also found froud after), who doing business in Telangana state, I contacted him & asked about business, he said that he doing very well. After prolonged discussion I accepted to pay only Rs 5000 as booking amount, Rs. 15000 after material dispatch with proof of LR, Rs 50000/- after delivery of material, remaining Rs 30000 after training, raw material suplly & setup for production.
Fist payment Rs 5000/- made on 27.05.2020 to Shri sai Marketing YES BANK, KIRTHI NAGAR, New Delhi,  They booked paper plate making machine & sent LR No. Second payment Rs. 15000/- made on 04.06.2020 to Shri sai marketing.
During transit of material they insisted to pay the remaining amount all payment in other Bank account (Bhuwaneshwari Marketing) as they facing tax problem & the Shri sai marketing bank account is blocked,
After coming material to my location on 18.06.2020 (Patancheru, Sangareddy dist, TS), I asked to give clearance to receive material, they told after payment of full payment only they will give clearance to receive the material otherwise they take back the material. After many arguments I paid Rs. 50000/- and asked to give clearance to receive material, they again insisted to pay remaining amount atleast another Rs. 20000 and accepted to give clearance. I again paid Rs. 20000 in acc no. Bhuwaneshwari marketing and asked to give clearance to receive the material. They delayed for 3 days to give clearance saying etc problems. After 3 days again they insisted to give remaining Rs. 10000 otherwise they will not give clearance to receive the material, after many arguments I finally paid the remaining Rs. 10000/-

They gave clearance on 24.06.2020 & recied paper plate making machine & 7 rolls of paper plate raw material which is veri less (the weight of mterial mentioned in LR is 350 kgs which is very high, as per wieght it found is machine wieght 120 kg & raw material wieght is 45 kg) & the value in tax invaice found was Rs. 38480/- (coppy at Sl. 9). After this I asked to send the trainer & raw material as the raw material sent is very less.
From this stage they totally stoped the conversation, not lifting the phone calls, watsup calls, not giving reply to SMS & blocked my phone number to make calls. By seeing this I contacted to Vxxxxxy which was given as reference by them, he told he also not getting communication with them after lockdown & doing business with other person & I will give his numbe, you contact him for doing business & raw maaterial supply. He sent a phone number  I contacted him & asked about business, he told, he will supply the raw material & take finished plates & pay at Rs. 400 per 1000 plates. He told, I have to buy Raw material at cost Rs. 60 per Kg & have to deposite Rs. 20000/- to send the raw material of 330 kg for making 1 lakh plates. Minimum one lakh plate he will take. I insisted to load raw material in transport, then give LR, I will pay you after confirming the movement of material. He not accepted for that.
I contacted Vxxxxy again asked as he saying to deposite money first, he said doing in same way. Again I called to dealer& explained about money problem & can deposite only Rs. 15000/-, he accepted for that. He sent his account number. I checked where is his account number & found its from Arepalli, Karimnagar, With little confidence as its from telangana state, I deposited on 03.07.2020 Rs 15000/- I contacted him & he told he will send material by tomorrow. From Next day he also not lifting my phone at all.


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