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Fraudulent transaction from SBI ATM

I am an account holder of State Bank of India vide of IIT Delhi Branch at Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi. My account had been debited on 05/08/2017 (5th August) via an ATM withdrawal (SBI ATM HFNC017036244 NURSHING GARDEN , DELHI) for a sum of Rs 40,000 which I came to know about when I received an SMS at 10:15 a.m. on my registered mobile number. I had my ATM debit card with me at Bengaluru at all times. This is clearly a case of a fraudulent transaction. Immediately after this transaction, another transaction was attempted at a nearby ATM (HFNC017036219) which was declined (SMS received at 10:23 a.m., same date) stating that daily withdrawal limit will exceed with the requested amount.

I had blocked the card immediately after the incident and notified the bank of the incident and immediately posted a written complaint to the branch address (on 5th August, 2017). In the follow up documents sent by the branch, I also lodged a formal complaint in the month of August, 2017, but no sort of compensation has been initiated to date (5 months after the incident). I have also spoken to the Branch Manager and Mr. Axxxxx, who was handling my complaint at the branch, in person when I went to Delhi on October 17 and then again on November 3, but the only response I got from them was that the complaint has been forwarded to the nodal office and the branch cannot do anything about it but wait for the response from the nodal office. I have been repeatedly enquiring about the status of my claim from the respective Nodal office as well. They fail to provide any information on the process further every time. I even sent my father (who lives in Delhi) to speak to the Branch Manager on the next working day after the incident, but the Manager casually dismissed the matter by saying that such a claim rarely helps the customer and that it is extremely difficult to return the money now.

This inability of the bank to securely handle the debit card information of the customers and the lack of an efficient and transparent mechanism to verify and process the claim has caused a lot of mental agony, harassment, loss of time and a big financial loss without any mistake from my side whatsoever.

Mayank Jain
Rani Bagh, New Delhi – 110034

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