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Malpractice to earn extra from rejected exchange order

On 7th November 2020 placed an exchange order for my old TV with a new TV. For this exchange Rs. 1000 was deducted. Additionally Rs. 100 was taken as pick up charge against separate order. Amazon delivery boy came with new TV and found my old TV unacceptable. Hence we had paid Rs. 1000/- which was deducted for exchange. When we asked for Rs. 100 refund he refused. Later I contacted Amazon customer support to get Rs. 100/- refund. But they told that since delivery boy has checked my old TV hence I have to pay this Rs. 100 as their checking charge(refer screen shot of chat). How ridiculous, the delivery boy came to deliver new TV and he just seen the old TV and rejected. No separate visit or separate person came to check old TV. Still Amazon wants Rs. 100. Although it was written in order(attached) as pick up charge, now they say it is checking charge. Such a fraud company Amazon India has become to cheat the customer. I have taken exchange order from Flipkart, they also take Rs. 100 as pick up charge. But this charge they keep in same order with the ordered item. But Amazon keeps it separate with separate order no to fraud the customer even it was not exchanges.

NAIHATI 743165,  West Bengal

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