Mis-selling and unauthorised activities on Justdial Kolkata
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Mis-selling and unauthorised activities on Justdial Kolkata

I purchased a paid listing for my business as a psychotherapist under my name which was a paid promotion of my details including my phone number, website and email address to obtain clients who require psychological counseling.

On April 16th, I noticed that my paid page listing on justdial was featuring an unknown number. I immediately contacted justdial customer care and also Mr. Dxxxxxxxxr Gxxxxh, who was the executive that had signed me up for the paid listing, after which I was told that since I am a paid member, I was provided with a virtual number from Justdial so that my leads could be tracked. I was also informed that all calls that came via the virtual number would be recorded! As a therapist, I was shocked to hear this since call recording is unethical and illegal without mine and the client’s permission, since it is a breach of confidential doctor-client communication! I immediately asked Mr. Dxxxxxr Gxxxxxh and his manager Nxxxxn to display only my personal phone number 9xxxxxxx0 and remove all other unauthorized numbers and refrain from call recording, and despite finally agreeing to do so, the virtual number is still being displayed.

Furthermore, I am not receiving any lead phone calls since that number was displayed. I was not informed of any of this, be it the virtual number or the call recording process and I have not authorized it. I was completely misled into buying this paid listing (that too at a higher price than originally quoted. I was told 12,000/- all inclusive for unlimited leads by Dxxxxxxxr Gxxxxxh, but ended up paying more than 14,160/- for 600 leads only). Now I want a full refund for my paid listing since I was misled into buying this paid listing and am astounded by their unethical policies and sheer lack of disregard for human privacy.

Uttarpara 712232,  West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com

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