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Non-delivery of order by Flowersncakestoindia

My daughter ordered for 2 Kg Choclate Truffel Cake along with flowers vide code no.CAK32-Chocolate 1No. and FLR32 50 Red Dutch Roses 1 No. from Sydney(Australia) to be delivered to me on my birthday i.e.on 15.09.2017 at 8 A.M. vide order no.FNC-3597 dated 12.09.2017.She paid Rs.3050/- as per the Invoice no.FNS-3597.The copy of which is enclosed herewith.
The said order did not see the light of the day and never reached to me.My daughter and me sent them so many mails and text messages for delivery of the order or to refund the money but not even a single reply is made till now.

Ramesh Khaneja
Saproon, Solan 173211, Himachal Pradesh

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