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Order not delivered by PayTM

The seller shipped it with a third class courier which was not able to give tracking details for which I did a follow up, expected delivery date was 31st but they didn’t deliverd by that day so when I checked tracking it was landing me on a courier website without any tracking number.
On 3rd August they started showing delivered, which is not true, I enquired with everyone in my family and neighborhood.
When I contacted the CC of payment over email they told me that they have confirmed with the seller and as they are saying it’s delivered they are accepting that as delivered and closing that ticket.
I followed back again and again but no reply. They do have a CC phone number but I cannot talk to any CC, but u can just get ur other info on IVRS.
Earlier Paytm used to give value to customer but now as they have become big bank they don’t bother about any customer issues.
They are not able to show any proof of receipt or signature of receipent.

Minku Kumar
Pankha Road, New Delhi 110046
Email: ixxxxxxxxxxu@gmail.com

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