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Parcel lost by Maruti Courier Service

I ordered a wallet from one of the resellers and she shipped it from Maruti Courier Service. When I was checking the tracking on 25th of April it was shown delivered on the site. I got worried as it was not delivered to me. I called the lajpat Nagar branch of this courier service they said maybe it was delivered somewhere else , we’ll see. I thought maybe there is some misunderstanding after 2-3 days I called again they said are delivery boy is out of town you have to wait for 10days. I waited as it was a prepaid parcel I was very worried.

After 10 days I called the courier boy at my place to talk, very calmly I had a talk with him and he said he didn’t came up to my place but he met someone downstairs and that guy said it’s my courier without asking the name or taking the number he gave it to him and went away. The courier boys name is Mxxxl. I still said it’s okay you find the parcel or refund as it was 999/-. He said I’ll go and bring the amount from the manager. I said okay.

After waiting for almost 4-5 hours I called the delivery guy he was like I’m delivery my parcel, I’m too busy. Thn I talked to the branch manager, he said we have delivered the parcel, we can’t help anymore in a very bad tone. I was so annoyed. My parcel is misplaced I’m acting so calmly and people who misplaced it are in so much attitude. Thn I’ll Called the head office of Maruti Courier Service. I though they’ll make it happen. They talked to the manager and whatever he said I’ll not refund , I’ll order another piece for the client. I agreed knowingly it’s not possible as when my reseller, me and our vendor doesn’t know where the parcel is coming from how will he get to know.

I wanted my parcel so I said okay. The head office person asked me to wait till 21st. Either I’ll get my parcel or the refund. Today is 24th, I called the head office for the solution, they called the manager and he still said I have ordered the product from the company it was being delivered and you have to wait for more 1 week. See I’m sure my parcel will not be received but I want my refund. This courier service and people here are disgusting. Last time I’m tackling them.

The form that is shown received online has no Contact Number of the receiver, no Name of the receiver, nothing. Only the Name is written in such a handwritting like some illetrate has written it. Too annoyed from such behavior after doing a mistake.

Tuhina Sharma
New Delhi 110024
24/05/2017 / 11:42 am

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