Regarding empty box received from Jio Mart for Panasonic trimmer

Regarding empty box received from Jio Mart for Panasonic trimmer

This is regarding the complaint of Order of Panasonic trimer ER207WK24B, on website on 14th December 2023 and received the courier 17 December 2023 with an empty unsealed open  product box without a Panasonic trimer, inside of properly packed and sealed jiomart delivery box. Jiomart delivery box was double checked by us it was in good condition and sealed thats why we pay COD amount to delivery person
When we received the order and opened the courier then we found that the box was empty and there was no trimmer  in the box. Besides this when the date on the box was checked then it was mentioned as 08.02.2023 which means that the product delivered is already 10 month old checked and packed. The box was looking old and the year of manufacturing was mentioned JULY 2019. The average lifespan of a Panasonic trimmer battery is as it is one or two year and how come a product of around four years 5 month sent to us in the year December 2023?
Furthermore, the product was missing as it is in the box. In fact, the box was not having trimmer but charger and cleaning brush only in it. This kind of deceit and fraud action is not supposed to be done to any client who has trusted you by doing the payment at the forefront while ordering the product.
We have attached herewith the requisite photos and documents for your reference.
This is a high level of harassment done by which was considered by us a trustworthy brand till now and this incident has clearly shaken our trust and discouraged us to believe such kinds of online purchases with jiomart.
We would request you to kindly refund the amount in the given account from which payment has been made as we do not want any exchange of this product.
Jodhpur 342008, Rajasthan

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