Regarding membership and Refund of Big Bazaar profit club card

Regarding membership and refund of Big Bazaar profit club card

I’ve been a loyal customer of big bazaar for a few years now. Due to the acquisition of big bazaar by reliance, I’m in a dilemma about the money in my profit club card of big bazaar. I had an injury due to which I couldn’t visit big bazaar stores for a few months. I visited the store yesterday and realised the awkward situation where smart bazaar (earlier it was big bazaar) refused to accept payment through big bazaar profit club card. I would like to either have an opportunity to use my big bazaar profit club card or to initiate a refund from your end. I implore you to kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible and keep me updated about the same.

Thanking you in anticipation

Haldwani 263139, Uttarakhand

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