SpiceJet Charging passengers extra for seats during check-in

SpiceJet Charging passengers extra for seats during check-in

Please note that SpiceJet & all other airlines are charging passengers an extra amount during web check-in, after having made the flight ticket payment.
They are taking arbitrary charges for regular seats, such as Rs. 300/- or Rs. 250/- or Rs. 400/- depending upon the flight carriers, and these are not even premium business class seats, which are usually available at an extra price.

This is plain loot & charging customers an extra amount, over the ticket price, at the time of seat selection, & I have seen this happen many times.

Please find attached a screenshot, where I was asked to pay Rs. 800/- for 3 normal seats, on a SpiceJet flight, from Gorakhpur to Mumbai.

Gorakhpur 273008, Uttar Pradesh
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com

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