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Super markets charging GST on MRP

Almost all the Super markets in Telangana are overcharging the customers and profiteering in the Daylight in the name of GST. Absence of implementation and monitoring makes it easier for them. Without apprehension of legal action. For example, I purchased 4 nos Dabur Homemade Tomato Puree @ Rs.25 MRP printed. I was charged 12% GST on MRP. I purchased 2 pacs of Haldiram with Rs.30 MRP. I Coughed up 12% on MRP. Bill No.RDS30/5/00007668 dt 19/7/2017 They refused to refund the money collected excess and said are charging all the customers on all the products above MRP only. Huge profits in stake !!

Roopchand Nagarajan
Manikonda, HYDERABAD 500089, Andhra Pradesh

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