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Unavailability of ECM for Verna car at outlets of Hyundai cars

ECM, Car battery and other car parts got stolen from my car so I took my car to the Okhla service center of Koncept Hyundai on 18th August. GM-workshop has told me neither the have the ECM nor any other workshop in Inida has it either. On 18th they raised the order on to their central warehouse in Chennai to send the ECM. They gave me a date of 25th August to deliver he car. Till today I am waiting for my car and to listen from the workshop. In the meantime I have contacted the Hyundai Motors helpline number and raised the complaint (I have the complaint number and SMS received from HMIL as a proof). To my surprise that too in vain as no one contacted me and resolved my complaint as they seems to be ignorant and least bothered to a customer complaint.

Through this form I would like to raise the alarm for the HMIL as to look into my complaint and arrange to provide the required ECM at the earliest or otherwise I will be forced to take appropriate legal action on HMIL. due to their lapse in service I have been going through lot of hardship on daily basis. This is taking a toll on me mentally and physically. The delay in delivery of my car has caused me irreparable loss of public image and social stature as I am unable to attend to urgent official and social commitments due to commuting problem. Additionally the laid back attitude and no response from call center has added to my woes. Neither is there any escalation procedure nor any SPOC or nodal point for such grievance redressal.

Email: axxxxxxxxx0@gmail.com

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