Unfair deduction from balance by Grofers

Grofers which is a grocery delivery service, they deducted ?440 from my balance account stating that 3 months duration is over for that balance. I mentioned that due to lockdown, it was hard for me to order anything from outside. Also, all services were on hold in the month on March (21st March-31st march to be precise). They never mentioned or notified me that it is going to be expired and the validity date is only 3 months. Although, I can plenty of junk messages from Grofers, but they didn’t find it important to send me this notification. I requested them to return my balance amount but they denied. Also stating that I haven’t ordered anything after December, which I actually did. I hope I will get help through this.

Beawar 305901, Rajasthan
Email: axxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com

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