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Wrong and incomplete information provided by Amazon

I want to purchase iPad air 2 128 GB which approx cost of 37000inr via online and I called the Amazon customer care for information as I want to know some discount if I can avail, as I called on 9 July and asked if there is any offer he said that if u pay by hdfc credit card u will get 2000inr discount I confirmed him I have other credit card also is there any discount on other card he said no by hdfc u will surely get 2000 inr back. so I disconnected the call and made the payment by hdfc card after that I again called the customer care for getting information when I will get that discount money back as I was not informed in first time. In the second I share the thing that I made payment of that much amount as it department said if u use hdfc credit card for payment u will get 2000 inr discount so please tell me when I will get that money back. he said sir let me check and after taking my information and all he said sir as I checked u r not eligible for that. I said why so he said for that offer is valid on only 10th and 11th of July then I said sir I was not informed by previous executive so he said sir sorry for that but u r not eligible for that and later on he said even u r not as u r not Prime customer and this was also not share with me when I called the Amazon for the first time. I share the things with him that this is not good as I did whatever ur department said so where I am wrong as I made the payment of 37000inr I was shocked on call it is a big amount for me. Even the second customer care executive said if u proof they our department said that we will pay u. But he don’t trust on me as I said okay check ur call record he said we can’t send me yours .

Honestly I am very upset and not feeling good.
I am feeling cry coz that cheat me.
I am feeling hurt as I trust the department and they are blaming me..
I have full call recording which I had with first and second customer care executive.
If it is needed I will send.
Please help me.please..

Amit Sharma
Mohan garden, New Delhi 110059
Email: axxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 09/07/2017 / 10:24 pm

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