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Airtel not allowing to terminate service

The second request for Disconnect of Service on 9xxxxxxxxx2 was requested to 121 from corporate ID on 23 June 2017. It followed with discussions with various Airtel representatives trying to sell the service again to me for almost free. I wanted to close the service and was sure that I have not used it for last two month and will not be needing it. It was agreed on phone that they will close the service and they asked me pay the last bill which they also said can be vaivered if I just make the SIM as Pre paid. But I wanted to close thus decided to pay the last bill and close the connection . The last amount was paid in full without any two months usage on 6 July via ref CITRUSAIRTEL. Airtel now has started sending collection calls for some additional money they want. How poor can they get to is shown by their such behavior. If people dont want your service they dont want it. Can we have an end to such harassment.

Divya Aggarwal
Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh

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