Amazon denied delivery of Eureka  Forbes Trendy Zip-1000 Vacuum  Cleaner

I would like to inform you that I am a registered Amazon Prime customer on . On January 22 I place an order of item Eureka  Forbes Trendy Zip-1000 Vacuum  Cleaner sold by cloudtail India pvt. ltd. on Amazon. The order cost was 483 . My order was cancelled  based on Return and Refund request which was not initiated from my end. I was neither approached by amazon delivery guy for the delivery nor had I initiated return/refund. On Jan 23 I registered my complaint via Amazon Customer Support and was provided no solution but an assurance  for call back which like my order, which I didn’t receive either. I enquired  about the same another day and was told by Amazon Support Team Executive that the product was damaged when out for delivery and due to quality assurance the product is returning to seller and can be ordered again which is available at new Price approx. 2700 now. As a customer, I wish to know  where my fault is. Further, Axxxn from Amazon  “Customer Care” team stated that the product was not damaged, it was cancelled due to Pricing Error from their end. They did not give the correct information, Executives tried to manipulate the situation to avoid any help from their side. Axxxn accepted that it was Amazon’s responsibility to handover the product to me but said nothing can be done, so knowing and accepting the responsibility yet denying it and refused to help. Moreover, he true to win argument by stating that a machine’s actual cost is approx. 2700 so how can it be available at such a cheap rate, trying to point the mistake at me. Also said if you want the product so much you can order it again. He made me feel like a pauper and definitely hurt my feelings. Saying “I Understand”  again n again by just mere words and no intention to help, his attitude became unbearable to me by the end of the call which I was pushed to cut without any help and with a doubt on Amazon’s service and customer care quality.
I like any other customer who will certainly order a product that is available at very good price placed that order, this shows that it’s a strategy of Amazon that they show the item price in cheaper but when a customer order it they will not deliver it and gave excuses like “It’s a Pricing Error” It clearly shows that they want to increase the traffic on their website.
Is it my fault that I placed an order of product that I wanted to shop which was available on the website and that too at a price that I could afford ? Is it my fault the product is now being held because your team has access to my Amazon account and can misuse the power by manipulating the situation ?
I also dropped same mail to Amazon customer services but they didn’t response on this.
After multiple follow ups with them I’m not able to get my product and also they are not taking responsible action towards it. Please help me getting my product as it caused lot of mental harassment/stress to me.

I would be highly obliged if can you take further action against this issue and come back to me at earliest with positive response.

Priyanshi Singh
Bengaluru 560064, Karnataka

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