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Complaint regarding amazon late delivery cancellation

I have ordered 3 products from amazon on 6th October 2019 and i paid the amount  total 922 rs.  ( for 2 products 427 and for another one 495 including delivery charges)  and the order was placed successfully than the delivery date was late so i tried to cancel the order but there was not any option to cancel all products only 2 products get cancelled somehow on 10th Oct  and for them i got 427 rs. Refund and the remaining product was about to deliver before 19 oct than on 19 oct they said it will be delivered on 21 or 22 and its 24 today still i didn’t got any parcel and i tried to contact amazon thn in chatting 2 days back they said they are cancelling that from amazon side and refund will be issued soon thn today i again contact them they said they will call me i explained the whole scenario to 3 different executive at last in evening now one of them said the refund is issued already from amazon side on 10 oct u must have get that on 16th contact your bank it can be their problem but that was for previous order thn i explained then they said oh yes let us check Somehow at last they agreed i was right they called me and i had to wait for the Hindi assistant long time and then he said that this is the first time you called there is nothing details i called them twice and last time the executive said that they had cancelled and refund will be issued early but he said now that nothing is happened like this and he cancelled it today and mailed to the seller and now they are saying Seller will check it in 3 days and after that 4 days will more take to issue refund
Now tell me what to do its already been 24oct today i have ordered this on 6th oct for my grandmother she is sick i don’t have money to order it again and they are not refunding and not even delivering the same
I don’t know what to do
Now help me i want action against them
Its not only about my 495 rupees it’s about the food my grandmother was waiting for it because they live in a village and they cannot get such things in that place
I have attached screenshots of order and delay messages

Amanpreet Singh Bhatia
Munbai 400050, Maharashtra

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