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Complaint regarding cash withdrawal from PNB ATM

My complain is related to my bank, Punjab National bank, regarding the amount debit from my account without dispensing that sum from atm.

Complaint Details- here i am giving the issue details as well as my follow ups to get resolve my issue date wise:

3rd October 2020: Issue created from ATM (Bukru Branch), when amount 10,000 (Ten Thousand) debited from my account while cash didn’t dispensed from the ATM. Immediately contacted the branch official to show and convey the issue and they assured, your money will get back within 24hours.

5th October 2020: Complain registered in back office of the bank and got the assurance to solve the issue in 7 working days.

13th October 2020: Contacted again in back office as issue still existed but got the reply from the attending representative that “there is no complain registered against the account details.” So, I re-registered my complain and again got the assurance to get resolved my issue in 7 working days.

22nd October 2020: Re-contacted in back office as issues was still existing. This time attending representative reply was your complain dated 13th October is rejected as the duplicate while your complain registered on 5th October has been closed with the remark “Successful Transaction”.
At the same time, it suggested by the representative to visit the base branch and request to the branch manager for demand the cctv footage to solve the issue as it has been done from our level and now it can be done by the branch level only.

22nd October 2020: First time I did contacted via mail to bank at their care center to get my complain SRN number to do the complain at my base branch with that complain number as it was not received by me in my RMN and after followed up and remainder finally fast and reliable system provided me the complain SRN number on 26th October in my RMN. For details please go through the trail mails.

27th October 2020: Visited my base branch and given the written complain to the branch manager regarding my issue and requested to please demand from your level to get the cctv footage to get more clearance to solve the issue.
Branch manger mailed at the same time to reconciliation department with my written complain (for your reference here I am attaching my written application, PFA) and got the reply with same remark “Successful Transaction and issues closed”
Branch Manger (As communicated with me) Informed me the same while he revert it with demand of cctv footage to solve the issue.

31st October 2020: Again when I contacted to the branch manager to know about issue resolving progress, he replied me that “I am also not confirm that to which department I should ask to provide the cctv footage of the ATM for the particular date and branch.” In other word, he didn’t get the cctv footage till date.

5th November 2020: I visited the Bukru branch (the branch under which the ATM is situated and the issue generated) and requested the branch manager to resolve the issue from your level.
The branch manger mailed the issue at the same time to their respective department and demanded the cctv footage.

11th November 2020: I contacted to the bukru branch manager through telephone and got the reply that; ” The concerned department given the reply that day the cctv was not working.”

Since then i am just following to the bank mangers of both branches but they are not responding and supporting to solve my issue, which is totally internal default of the bank and it’s system.

Now almost two months passed but my complain remained the same and due to this i am suffering financial loss as well as mentally and physically harassment since then.

Please help to resolve my issue and get back my sum with compensation due to losses and the harassment.

Ranchi, Jharkhand 834006


    • UTPAL RAY on 22/09/2022 at 7:55 am


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