Complaint regarding charges by Nestaway

Complaint regarding charges by Nestaway

I have been facing some real household issues for the past 6 months which have had no solution so far. There have been multiple follow ups for the issues with the team but did not receive any solutions for the same.

Please find the attached mail in which I have written the detailed description on why these charges were incurred. These charges are incorrectly levied on me.  I have to pay over 7000 rupees for no fault of mine. I have also added my roommates attachment as well.

Could you please resolve this issue at the earliest.

Atleast I am expecting a resolution from your side. There are many tenants who are facing similar issues with Nestaway. They have been deceiving people from a long time. People are having so many problems who are exsiting tenants.

Varun Pillai
Mumbai 400079, Maharashtra

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