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Complaint regarding delay in replacement by Flipkart

I purchased a Redmi note 5 pro, which was delivered to me on 14th August 2018. In a span of first couple of days I started facing severe restart issues, battery lasted just 4 hours before draining out completely and Network connectivity reduced drastically. Hence on 17th August 2018, i raised a request for replacement and i was told that it shall be processed within 24 hours. The replacement got approved in a day but then i realized that my replacement is stuck due to some issue. I packed the phone in hope that it will be picked in a day or so. But after 4 long days of wait i got a call from flipkart that my replacement is stuck as the delivery agent has still not marked it as delivered. WHICH IN NO SCENARIO IS MY MISTAKE.

1. The resolution date was given as 23rd August 2018, I did not receive any call or resolution. I called on 24th morning and they asked me to wait for 24 hours and they will escalate the same.
2. I called in late evening and was told that my 24 hour span was not over and i will have to wait till then for an update
3. On 25th morning i was told by the CC that as they don’t have any update in the system, they cant help me and another 24 hour time was given to me
4. Same was told to me 26th as well that they cannot help me till the time there is no status update. I told them that its their internal department hence they should urge for an update, to which i was told that they can just read out the system and nothing else

I don’t understand that why can’t the customer support team not do anything apart from just read out the system and why do we need a customer support team if we can read the update in the system ourselves.
5. Now i got the SMS saying that product iss delivered, on 25th August. But on 26th the CC was clueless of any such activity and infact on 27th August 2018, they asked me to wait for another 24 hours.

So i have paid 17000 rupees for a product which is lying idle at my home and i can’t even use it. I have been repeatedly told that it isnt my mistake but they can’t do anything till the time there is no system update.

Himansh Rakheja
Gurgaon 122011, Haryana

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