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Complaint regarding job fraud and money collected

I got a call they will be offering me job in Hyderabad for that i should pay Rs 3540 as security . so that they will be arranging interview. i have paid amount of Rs 3540 on 28-07-2020. I got a call from the same number was not informed that i should pay rs 9540 so that they will be arragning the interview. this was not informed ealier.  i asked for the refund they told they have 2 options one is online and offline. they have trnsferred my call to accounts department for online the payment will be immediately transfereed and offline it take time of 40 days. i opted for online they told me to open the times 4 job and in resume revolution asked me to click on cosmic rsume 0-3 years after clicking it showed to enter the code as 33666 after entering imlearning my personnel details mentioned in the format and below it showed the amount of my paid amount. they asked me to click of pay now after entering the pay now.choose your payment type they asked me to clik on proceed by pg2 and enter the code 53226 after entering clik on buy now. payment online secure payment opened they asked me to enter the card details,debit or credit card and pay. after receipt of otp .to fill the otp and after otp entered i will be getting 2 option s one is refund . after entering otp the amount was deducted from my account like this 2 times (3540+3540+7080)total Rs 15338.82 was deducted from my account. no refund option was not found. i called the same number. they told to send my account details so that they will be transferring my amount po my account . i have done sms my bank details to them.they told they will be transffering the amount on tuesday ie on 04.08.2020.but no tranfer was made i called them they told me o wait for another week ie on 11.08.2020i once again called on 10.08.2020 to remind them . they told on 17th without fail they will be tranferring my amount. on 18.08.2020 i called them .now he is telling to open the same options i have done but no options of refund was found. now he is telling that they will be transferring my amount on 16th september. so kindly look into this matter.

p.v.k kishore
Beeramguda, r.c.puram 502031, Hyderabad

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