Complaint regarding Nissan Magnite silencer quality

Complaint regarding Nissan Magnite silencer quality

I have bought Nissan Magnite mt xv from pramukh Nissan Surat Dumas road branch in june 2021 had a faulty or too low quality silencer been installed by default from Nissan India. It was such local quality that it got broken in 2 pieces in a small impact over a stone so i later spent by replacing that part covered initially with my insurance.
Still after install i had issue with vibration constant from silencer so i had made it got repaired in november during service.
Soon after that on dec 08 just after a month silencer got broken in 2 pieces so had a checkup from pramukh Nissan service same day which later told they have no idea of such faulty parts been installed in Nissan Magnite & so far no proper ans been given from service center behalf yet.


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