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Complaint regarding non-delivery by Flipkart

The below-mentioned service provided by Flipkart is a shame and gives me a chill to ever think about ordering again from Flipkart.

I had placed an order for the HP Pavilion 14 i5 10th Generation worth 60K.

Number of times I had a talk with Flipkart executives: 9 times

End number of chat which I cannot even remember.

I had placed an order on 18th September and the maximum delivery date showed was by 28th September 2020 which is today.

The product was packed and kept waiting until 26th as per the tracking details which I was amazed to see and hence I started escalating the matter since 21st September 2020.

So the valuable points comes now, I had a flight to London on 26th September which I had to reschedule because on 21st September the Flipkart executive told me that delivery usually shows within 7 days but product is received within 2to3 days and asked me to wait until 28th September which is given and last date of delivery. So I rescheduled my flight to 28th midnight and had spent almost 1900 USD.

I started escalating the matter ever since 23rd about the delay being caused but I was re-assured that the product will get delivered by 28th and the escalation was closed but none took the courtesy to keep the case open and push the logistics or question the logistics for the delay. When asked about the same the executives say that nobody can contact the logistics or delivery partner Ekart as they have no such method to which I was shocked and kept saying that the delay is from the delivery partner and my question to that is it’s the partner of Flipkart so why am I being told about it rather than someone working on the escalation.

However, I waited till 28th September until 7 PM as I was assured that the delivery will be done by this time so that I could leave for my flight but my product is not delivered yet and I’m told that all the escalations I had raised was actually not escalated to anyone and just resolved with a robotic email sent to me.

Now I have to spend another 300 USD to reschedule my flight tomorrow as I need to be in London by 29th Evening.

Hence, the questions below:

1. Why doesn’t Flipkart act cautiously with the delivery partner?
2. Fake promises by executives
3. Escalations not taken seriously
4. Last date of 28th crossed

I haven’t received the order yet

Now I’m taking this matter to consumer forum and PMO and all IAS officers.

My plead here to the respected offices and officers in the government is to provide me the right path to sue Flipkart and take this up accordingly for not keeping the designated promise of delivering the product by 28th September and for all the harassment with a sum amount of 1 million

Kolkata 700142, West Bengal

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