Regarding poor services from matrimonial site, no refund

Complaint regarding poor services from matrimonial site, no refund

I’ve taken assisted matrimony service in June 2023 for my brother from after a constant follow up by a lady named KxxxxA (Sales person). She made me believe that my brother’s profile is getting a lot of interests and that they have a huge pool of matching profiles. She even promised that it would take only 120 -150 days to set up marriage and in case if they failed to do so, they would refund the money. So, I paid 11800 and bought the service.
Few weeks passed by, received no interest/update. I checked the profile that is being shared with prospects is not even filled with complete details. I raised a concern to the Relationship Manager  PxxxxxxxxxxA. She is not even trained to update the profile before sending out. I updated the profile so that she can share across. Few months passed by, PxxxxA started to send non matching profiles, duplicate/repeated profiles. She even started to skip sending the profiles as per schedule. I requested not to send repeated profiles and raised a concern to her manager SxxxxR expecting things to get better. This was in Oct 2023.
Again few months passed by, there is no improvement. RM started to skip the schedules more often and sending repetitive profiles. I wrote a mail to SxxxxR explaining the situation and asked for a refund. SxxxxxR and team promised that they would improve the service and requested to continue. This was in Dec 2023.
Post that RM stopped sending profiles, I raised a concern tagging all team members. She started to ignore the mails/messages/calls. I reached to SxxxxR, it’s the same case with him. He stopped responding and started to ask my brother and other family members phone numbers. This is more to escape from the situation and a way to find excuses.
Will he be asking the girl’s number if this service is taken for my sister or someone in my family ? Isn’t this just a way to escape from the situation.
It’s been 9 months now and they couldn’t arrange a single match/meeting. None of the profiles they share doesn’t responds to the calls. Now when I ask for refund showing their  bad service and T&C, SxxxxR started to attack me personally. According to him, asking for a good service is a crime, who ever asks for refund based on their T&C are frauds.
Finally, I feel that I’ve been tricked with their practises and false promises. Neither they are giving the service nor the refund.
Hyderabad 500049, Telangana

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