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Complaint regarding refund from ACT Fibernet

On 25th August 2017 I applied for a new internet connection from ACT Fibernet and made a payment of Rs.2417 towards it on the same day. The sales executive promised me the connection will be active by 28th August. When this didn’t happen I called Prashanth who informed me he will get it fixed by 29th. Still no luck and from 29th he stops picking my call. I immediately raised a complaint with the ACT customer care and they gave me a ticket number assuring me a call back in 24hours. No response even after a day, now I call back and they inform me that the connection would be active only by 2nd September. No updates even after 2nd September and each time I call they provide me new reference tickets which I believe are just being raised for namesake and no action taken.

On 3rd September when I call the customer care they finally informed me that they would not be able to provide me a connection due to some technical issues and they would initiate my refund in 7 days and they would send me an email requesting my bank account details to transfer the amount. I wait till 4th September no email, I call up again and they tell I will get the mail in 24 hours. No luck ,again I call on 5th , finally I got the email and I provided my bank account details. It’s now 9th of September and I still haven’t received the refund. I have been running from pillar to post to get my hard earned money back which is stuck with these goons. All this for no fault of mine. If ACT is not able to provide connection it’s their responsibility to refund the money back to the customer.Pathetic customer service from ACT,they think raising tickets for a customer complaint is just a joke and no follow ups are needed once it’s raised. Its now close to one month since I made the payment and am yet to get the refund. Act Fibernet has rightly named themselves, ACT as though there is no customer complaints,ACT as though all customers are Happy, ACT as though u have responded to all of the customer needs.

ACT fiber -Begging for money would be much better than cheating your customers.

Shoan Edwin
Kempapura, Bangalore 560024, Karnataka


    • Xyz on 30/01/2021 at 2:25 pm

    I made payment twice by mistake in act broadband of amount 4241 . While I’m asking for refund they aren’t responding . They are saying transaction isn’t shown in their systems .I even said the transaction number. They said I’ll get a call back but till now i didn’t get

    • ICF on 01/02/2021 at 12:40 pm

    Please submit your DETAILED complaint at

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