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Complaint regarding refund from Flipkart and airlines

I am from Hyderabad, India. I booked an International Flight Ticket on Flipkart for me and my wife, the date of travel was on 2nd November, 2020. We couldn’t board the flight due to Airline issue and I immediately contacted both Airlines and Flipkart to inform the same. The Airlines agreed to issue a full refund on the ticket, so as Flipkart.

So I waited for few days and contacted both Airlines and Flipkart again to check the status.  The Airlines asked me to approach them via travel booking agency, which is Flipkart in this case. The Flipkart took request for the same and informed me to wait for their concerned team call. I also sent an email as requested. No response. Again I contacted Flipkart, then they asked me to contact Airlines and said they don’t have any mechanism to call Airlines. I did approach Airlines and they clearly said they will issue refund but it has to happen through travel agency. Sicne then, I am calling Flipkart and giving requests through customer care, and I am not hearing form anyone. No one calling me and all I am hearing is to wait for the concerned team.

Their support now started disconnecting my call since they have no answer and I need my refund. Please help.

Hyderabad 500047, Telangana

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