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Final registration for purchase of flat not done

It was late in 2015 that I have purchased an apartment from M/s Siddheswari Construction in Serampur. Its been almost 3 years that the constuction is going on at a snails speed, and when I have asked the promotor to get the final registration done. He initially agreed , but now he is denying to get it done as the other partner of his company is not here in city whereas i had asked him well in time that i ll b coming on leave on 18 Dec 17. Pse get the docs completed on time, at that time he said “u dnt have to worry, u come home rest ol we ll do” , bt now his excuses had started. I m a service personnel, i dnt get leave anytime i want, so i wanted to get this registration done by 2 Jan 18. I hav taken a loan from LIC HFL , even i m not satisfied with their support, They r not pressurising the promotor to get this apartment registered eben after 3yrs of construction still going on. Pse help me to fix this issue.

Dist -24 Prgs(N) West Bengal, Barrackpore 700122, West Bengal

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