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Fraud offers from India trip portal

I got a promotional offer call from India Trip ( They asked me to take 2 holiday packages 1) If I take 11,666/- they promised me Nikon D3200 24.2MP DSLR as a promotional gift, and on top of that as a last customer if I take 2) 11,000/- holiday package, they promised me Sony 42W700 106 cm (42 inches) as a promotional offer. I made the full payment of 22,666/- to “indiatrip” on 19th June. They promised me both gifts delivery by 23rd June. I have not received any call back from them, even if I am calling them, they are talking rude that “what you can do if I can’t call back you?” Can you help me to get my money back and punish them? I have raised a complaint in Consumer Helpline, but unfortunately I did not get a positive response from them. Whenever I call them, they are giving all reasons, sometimes their systems having trouble, sometimes their phone connection has problems, sometimes their Manager will not be available, sometimes they say that the gift has dispatched, sometimes they say it got delivered to wrong address we will revert back to you. These are all just to escape from the situation. Please how can you help me to get the entire amount back from them?

Kondapur, Hyderabad 500084, Telangana

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