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Fraud promises by Bajaj Finserv sales person

I have transferred my existing home loan from HDFC bank to Bajaj Finserv.

The Bajaj Finserv sales executive involved in processing the loan had promised me an interest rate of 8.4% however, when i got the welcome letter from Bajaj Finserv, it mentioned an interest rate of 8.55%.

I raised this with the sales person and the Bajaj Finserv redressal forum (on email). They asked me for the proof and I have shared multiple call recordings with them. They have accepted that their sales representative had made false promises to sale the product, this has happened in the month of May 2017 itself, however, till now, they have not taken any concrete action to rectify this.

My first EMI is due in the month of September and they have promised over an email that they will look into the issue once the first EMI is deducted.

However, they have not specified that they will change it to what was promised by the sales fellow and have kept me in hanging state.

This is clear case of cheating by the Bajajfinserve sales person.

I work for hsbc bank and hence get the home loan at staff rate, hence, when the Bajajfinserve sales guy had called me, my first term was that the interest rate should match up to the staff rate that I’ll get from hsbc, to which he’d agreed and moreover as an extra perk, promised a top up, the reason for me to enroll for Bajajfinserve.

Could you please look into this complaint as Bajajfinserve customer experience cell had stopped responding to emails?

Yuvraj Bhosale
Katraj, D-501, Pune 411046, Maharashtra

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