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Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

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Financial fraud with Telegram channels in investment

First time I meet with the fraud incident with the heavy amount on telegram @Rahulv008bot\ @Sheela001bot and task added me in group for the task which is to subcribe the channel with the 2600. Later she told me to deposit with small amount in task which is sent me link https[:]// will get 15% to …

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Complaint regarding investment scam on telegram channel

Telegram bitcoin scammed. Value: 10000 Sir, 2/11/23 one group asked me to invest 3000 again force me to invest 7000 as a final payment and again he askd me to deposit 10000 so I stopped and ask him for a refund but he said ur money will be lost if u will not make the …

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Complaint regarding incorrect deduction by Bajaj Finserve

I am writing to bring to your attention a grievous matter regarding the unethical conduct of Bajaj Finserve, a financial institution. I am deeply dissatisfied with their services, as they have failed to rectify a serious issue despite knowing the matter. Recently, I decided to foreclosed the product loan by settling the outstanding amount in …

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Regarding fraud stock market channels on telegram

I want to raise about one of the stock market  telegram channels,  they are doing fraud with clients. They offered an investment plan in crypto to make double or triple your amount in 1 hr. If you are provided money to them they ask for  more GST charges to get full double your amount back, …

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Regarding investment scam services on instagram channel

Big fraud scam on investing amount Value: My 71500 amount gone in scam Someone contacted me on whatsapp by name of Watconsult Company posted business license on whatsapp, telegram. Included me in their telegram group. Previously given instagram liking tasks. Later convinced & forced me for investment. Selected quota was Rs.5000 and they were expecting …

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Complaint regarding sale of investment products by SBI employee

I haribhajan was fraudulently cheated by the sbi employees, i went to them to ask fr investment plan so that after retirement i could reap the benefits with my life hard earned money, they sold me an sbi life policy in name of investment ,i was told that after 5 years i will be getting …

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Complaint regarding Instagram investment account trader_ashish

Investment fraud through instagram account. Value: 1604 I invested 1604 rupees for trade to the Instagram account trader_ashish24 ( now I think this account is not available). I’m first invested 250 through Google pay account. His number is 83xxxxx0 Axxxxxh Cxxxxxxy( but it shows Sxxxxxr Sxxxxxxn in gpay) . Then he say “I get profit …

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