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Fraudulent job offers and demand for money

I’m receiving  calls and whatsapp messages from people (who could barely speak proper english), from the number +91-81xxxxxxx2, and they claim to be from They said my profile is shortlisted for IBM India pvt ltd company and that I am required to fill a form in another website ” “, the link to which they sent me through whatsapp. They then instructed me to pay Rs. 20 as the documentation charges and said that it is refundable.

I also received a call today only from +91-87xxxxxxxx8, a lady claiming to be from and said that my profile is shortlisted for Tata Motors and told about all these things mentioned above. She even scheduled a telephonic non technical interview at 3pm today. She asked me to a refundable security deposit of Rs.3500.

For both these calls, I asked them to send these details through emails and then suddenly the communication stopped.

I have had such similar experiences from people  claiming to be from in the past as well. So I asked them to send all this details via email to prove their credibility as professional job portals have registered domains and these fake scamsters have some cooked up domain names in their email ids. So after that all communications ended. In the past I have received such fraudulent emails also from some email ids which closely resemble those of or but on close inspection it can be seen that they have some different domain names,

Kindly take strict action against such fraudsters who take advantage of people desperate to get jobs

Noida 201313, Uttar Pradesh

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